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Part 3: The Secret Behind the Secrets – The TRULY Precious Present!


By being present we let others know at a heart level how important they truly are.  This is our greatest opportunity as parents, friends, professionals and caring human beings.  When others feel important and significant they begin to live up to their potential.  Our presence breathes faith, belief, and positive expectation into their souls. Without this presence, we cannot truly give. 


Like becoming a true breakthrough leader, being present is not something you can fake.  It is not a technique.  It is a decision.  Do you know whether or not someone is actually fully with you in mind, body, and spirit?  When I ask the participants in my seminars this question they reply with an immediate and emphatic "Yes!"  Can you even tell over the phone? Once again the answer is clear.  We have a definite sense of whether the person on the other end of the line is right there with us, giving full concentration or drifting off and not truly connected.  When we make the conscious and consistent decision to be fully present to the very best of our ability, we open ourselves to more joy than we've ever imagined and create the possibility to make the difference for which we were put on this earth.  It is the ultimate secret to living with an attitude of gratitude.


Remember:           The past is history

                            The future a mystery

                            The gift is now

                            That’s why we call it the PRESENT!

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