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Take Shape For Life 2

Dear Brian,

Thank you so much for braving the storms and getting to the Little Rock Arbonne training!

I loved your energetic, inspiring, motivational coaching! 

I had been blessed to attend one of your sessions before with Tastefully Simple, and remembered much of what you had taught then. The “doing” part has stuck with me! The major difference at this training was that we actually got to break boards. What an incredible feeling breaking through that failure obstacle that has held me back for so long!

It is AMAZING!!!  I wish EVERY woman in America could break a board to break through her obstacles that are holding her back from her divine potential and lasting success!

I brought home your breakthrough package to my daughters who are 15 and 16. We’ve already listed to all of your CDs and laughed and cried! It is my greatest desire that my daughters live successful lives, know that they are loved and can do anything they set their minds to do. 

Please continue your good works for this world! You are making a huge difference in all the lives you touch!

Thank you so much!

Your Tastefully Simple Consultant,


P.S. I wish every dad in America could hear your story, too! You are a fabulous role model for husbands and fathers everywhere and I pray my future soulmate & my daughters husbands will possess your same qualities.

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