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Hi Brian,

I saw you at the TSFL Convention and was fortunate enough to be at your seminar.  I wouldn't have ever thought I could have broken that board until I listened to you, then I KNEW I could . . . and I did!  But that isn't why I'm thanking you.

For much of my children's lives I haven't been there, mostly not by choice but because of a bitter divorce.  But I must take some of the blame too because it was just easier at the time not to fight for that right.  Only in the last few years have I had the chance to re-establish a relationship with both my son Scott age 26, and my Daughter Kelly age 25.  After losing 202 pounds myself on the TSFL program I have helped a lot of others lose weight but couldn't get my son (over 400 pounds) on the program.  Until last February that is and since then he has lost 112 pounds so far and I am so proud of him.  

Things with my daughter are still tenuous at best.  She has made a lot of bad choices and we have had much strain on our relationship.  As a matter of fact upon my return from Convention I found out that she has connected back up with a young man (one I have never liked) who is verbally & emotionally abusive to her.  Just when I thought she was headed down a better path she seems to take the wrong fork.  I was angry, frustrated, and ready to yell & scream at her until I listened to your CD about Letting Go and the story about Allison.  

Those stories have changed my life and my focus for and about my Kelly.  I'm going to love her, I'm going to be there for her, and I'm going to be her teacher as well as allowing her teach me.  Brian that is why I am thanking you with all my heart!  If you'd ever like to go to a Green Bay Packers game give me a call, I have tickets in the South end zone (there are over 70,000 people on the waiting list for Packer tickets) the game, the brats, and the beer (or Medifast friendly drink of your choice) are on me!  The least I can do for a fellow Irishman let alone the person that has helped me change my life! 

On Course to Optimal Health

Regional Director
Take Shape For Life

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