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Brian Biro:  Letter of Recommendation

I would like to introduce myself, I am President of a women’s only party plan company. I am so delighted to tell you about our experience with Brian Biro as a key part of our annual convention.

I have known Brian for over 10 years. He has led a key “Break Through to Success” workshop for 5 consecutive years at our annual convention. We just recently, March 28 – April 1, had 1300 of our ladies in attendance. Brian is a MUST HAVE at our convention as he provides an amazing day of energy and excitement that has changed the lives of thousands of our consultants and leaders. He provides a clear vision plan that they are able to put into action in a powerful way. We see measurable results in their personal leadership and business development following his seminar. As women, they have many fears and challenges that they need to break through to gain all the success that they deserve. He teaches them how to have focused and fresh clarity in order to build more balance into their lives.

Brian’s event is the most highly rated TEAM building session that we ever have and our field always wants him back. Our leaders think that the first time they attend and break their boards, it is amazing. However, they now find that the really impact of the seminar is the one that they return to the following year and help their team members break their boards. He truly teaches people how to make their dreams come true in a genuine, real and positive performance. It is such a moving experience that we have had to add “Kleenex runners” to our staff as the tears of joy, excitement and new found beliefs flow at the close of the event.

To sum up my recommendation for Brian, below is a quote from one of my Million Dollar Directors:

“Most motivational speakers give you a ton of pep that if you are lucky lasts up to two weeks. Brian gives you the energy, and vision, teaches you how to regain it at anytime you choose, and shows you how to aim it!”

I don’t know what you are looking for in a speaker for your company, but if you want someone who will get results, Brian is the person!

Feel free to ask any further questions you may have. I am also happy to provide some video clips of the close of the day that says it all.

President Passion Parties, Inc

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