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Dear Grace,

I am always delighted when I have an opportunity to talk about Brian Biro. I am so glad that I was copied on the email. 

I met Brian through a dear friend in 1999. I was privileged to sit in the audience while he was speaking. 

I have heard many great speakers in my years. Brian is not one of them. He is much, much more.  Speakers send you out thinking about them. 

Brian, is a breakthrough coach, and although his "speaking" ability is off the charts, what Brian brilliantly does for his audience is have each and every one of them leave the room believing that they are beautifully and wonderfully made. Boy does the world need that message today!!!

When I arrived at my new job this past October, SVP of Field Development Pure Romance , one of the very first things I did was ask who is currently on board to work with Field Development? When I learned that it had been and continues to be Brian, I was ecstatic. What I know for sure is that my role as a people builder is that much sweeter when I can ride the wave that Brian creates. They start from the space of YES I CAN!!

And on a personal note, Brian has done that for me since 1999:)     

Better Together,

Vice President Pure Romance

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