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Good morning!  It’s been one week since I broke my board and listened to your excellent advice about team-building and living with energy.  I’m so glad you could be with the Development team at UCLA Anderson and that I was able to meet more people in Alumni Relations and Mar/Comm.  It’s a terrific group of colleagues!

I put my broken board on my living room mantel, and I see it every morning when I wake up and every evening when I get home.  It’s a great reminder to take a deep breath, be kind to others and live every day like it might be your last one.  Even my daughter has noticed that I seem more upbeat on the phone!  I think we all tend to ‘let down’ our guard with our loved ones and sound like we really feel which, for me, has not been totally positive this year.  She is happy that I sound happy J

 Simply put, thank you for sharing your wonderful knowledge and energy (have you ever worn a pedometer during one of your events to see how many miles you actually walk on stage?!) and for being shamelessly proud of loving your family immensely.  They are three lucky women to have a man in their home who is verbal about his feelings and demonstrative about his devotion to them.  Hooray!

Take care, and enjoy autumn in beautiful Asheville.  Last week’s event was enriching for me, as well as life changing!

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