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I intended on getting back to you last month once BR provided your e-mail address to me.

I was in the LMC class at the Sea World Renaissance in October 2007 – one of many in the audience. I just want to thank you for being my “mental tipping point” that allowed me to break through at least two key barriers.

The first and most important was with my 18 year old son (one of my four children). Between his ADD and resulting lack of focus we had quite a frustrating relationship. He has broken through his barriers and has made significant progress growing up as our relationship has greatly improved. We talk and communicate again and even work projects together.

The other is personal and getting myself refocused from total work/travel and slowly growing weight. Since October, I’ve changed from a 3 day a week (45 min) trip to the gym eating like a typical American to a 7 day a week – 2 hour a day at the gym lean machine. I’ve only missed 4 days at the gym or at a hotel gym since October and I broke through the 75lb weight loss mark last week with another 30lbs to go. I haven’t seen this weight sine 1984. I’ve gone from sore and aching legs and 35% body fat to energized and 18.5% body fat in a little over 6 months. Every time I thought I had hit a plateau in weight, a level at the gym or was tempted to deviate from my journey, I thought back to your breaking through story and broke through the barrier.

I’m feeling great, my wife is much happier and I can more than keep up with my 16 and 18 yr old sons. We’re nearing completion of a 300 foot boat dock with 1000 sq ft of decking around the boat lifts which allowed us additional bonding.

Thank you again!

I hope to see you at a future event.


Client Testimonials

  • Brian is an awesome presenter with boundless energy and enthusiasm. I've attended several of his events and they're different every time. Can't wait for the next one!

    Keith Challenger
  • Brian Biro has the energy of a ten-year-old, the enthusiasm of a twenty-year-old, and the wisdom of a seventy five-year-old.

    Former Client
  • Experiencing a Brian Biro breakthrough event with my team was truly amazing. There's nothing I can compare it to.

    Dana Stonestreet
    President and CEO, HomeTrust Bank

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