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Brian, I wish I could convey to you in words what an impact your insight has had on the Concord Team.  

I knew what the experience meant to me a year ago, but there is always the question whether others would have such an experience.  There is no doubt that it was life changing for all.

I want to share some background so you can understand why you had such an impact.  

I came aboard Concord a little over one year ago. Prior to that time, I was in private practice as an attorney.  Concord was a client.  After 13 years in the same place, and loving every second of what I did, I decided to come on board with Concord.  (As you can imagine, it was a tough decision in that I was in no way looking to leave . . . an "angel" gave me direction . . . which is another story!)

At the time I came to Concord, the President, Larry, was just getting back into the business after a bout with cancer which kept him out for at least a year.  Prior to that time, those that were running the company for Larry had a strong focus on bottom line dollars, at all costs.  At that time, Concord was very much a "top down" company.  Such a philosophy is 180 degrees from either Larry's and mine.  Don't get me wrong, we both like money.  We just believe in a different way of getting it.

It has been a struggle to gain trust from managers and others who have not been properly valued.  We keep gaining, bit by bit, person by person.  They have had to see the walk, not just the talk, and it has taken time.  We really have been moving the mark in the last months.  

YOUR PRESENCE AND MOTIVATION helped move us to a point that would have taken us months, or years, without you.

I believe that service to others is the wood with which we build our stairways to Heaven.  Brian, you personally own the Amana Reserve.

Thank you.


Vice President

Client Testimonials

  • Brian is an awesome presenter with boundless energy and enthusiasm. I've attended several of his events and they're different every time. Can't wait for the next one!

    Keith Challenger
  • Brian Biro has the energy of a ten-year-old, the enthusiasm of a twenty-year-old, and the wisdom of a seventy five-year-old.

    Former Client
  • Experiencing a Brian Biro breakthrough event with my team was truly amazing. There's nothing I can compare it to.

    Dana Stonestreet
    President and CEO, HomeTrust Bank

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