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Thank you sooooooo much for what did Wednesday for our team!  

Every person in our group took something profound away from the day we spent with you.  

On Thursday morning as we started our session, several people shared stories of connecting with family members the night before in ways they had never done before (or at least not for a long time!).  While we laughed at the various descriptions of the shocked reactions from our loved ones, we all realized we had people that we needed to reconnect with—both at work and personally.

The fringe benefit for us was the way the day brought us together as a team.  We accomplished more in that regard in a day than we probably would have accomplished in a year otherwise.

Simply continuing to say “thank you” seems so inadequate for what a huge difference you made for each of us.  But, THANK YOU!


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Client Testimonials

  • Brian is an awesome presenter with boundless energy and enthusiasm. I've attended several of his events and they're different every time. Can't wait for the next one!

    Keith Challenger
  • Brian Biro has the energy of a ten-year-old, the enthusiasm of a twenty-year-old, and the wisdom of a seventy five-year-old.

    Former Client
  • Experiencing a Brian Biro breakthrough event with my team was truly amazing. There's nothing I can compare it to.

    Dana Stonestreet
    President and CEO, HomeTrust Bank

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