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I wanted to say Thank you for such a life changing day for myself and co-workers.  

The energy around the offices is amazing! I didn't know how the experience could top what I went through at Crown Council last February, but it did. My breakthrough moment was awesome, but I had the most joy from being around so many of my team. To be surrounded by your 400 of your closet friends was amazing when breaking the board. I was on the stage with you and it truly was an experience to have you hold my board. I will remember forever the experience. I can't imagine what it is like to hold a board for one of my co-workers. This time I really watched them.That meant more to me to see their faces at the moment of their breakthrough. Several people I was able to watch, really needed a life changing moment and I was truly blessed to be there.

It was AMAZING!!  Thank you!!  

You are an incredible person and offer an incredible gift. May you touch many more lives like the ones you have at Mortenson Family Dental. I lead a breakout session immediately afterwards, the teams were in awe over what had just happened to them. One lady who was one of our guests, added another acronym to the WOO, HOO for How Often Open. I loved it! It directly applies to our schedules and team work to fill them.  

Thank you for blessing us with your gift!

High expectations create unlimited possibilities!

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