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Greetings Brian!  

I just had to share this one with you. I know you realize it; but just in case you ever doubt the tremendous difference that you make in peopleís lives, just read this.   

Have a blessed evening!

Vice President Client Service
Aflac Incorporated, Worldwide Headquarters


This was the best training session that I think I have ever been to.  I thank you so very much.  I let go of something that I had been carrying with me since the age of 16. This had been something that I also carried into other areas of my life and I have made decisions that have not always been the best.  This experience was so powerful to me and I wish every team in every department/division could experience this. I really think that by breaking through this I will be a better person in all areas of my life as a wife, mother, employee, leader, daughter and friend.  I know budget dollars are tight and I really appreciate all you have done for us to include Precision Leadership. Words cannot express the magnitude of my gratitude for you and for this. I know you really care.

Thank you!              


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