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I was at the break though meeting you held for Aflac employees recently.

Without a doubt, it has to have been the best motivational meeting I have attended in my 10+ years at Aflac.

My goals and "break though" points are both personal in nature, and business related. I sing in the choir and have always wanted to do a solo in one of our presentations, but have been too "scared to try". I drew "triplets" on my board because I can't play them right (The choir director told me so!)

I think the thing that stuck with me the most was when you said, "You are the only one that is holding you back". I called the choir director last night and volunteered to do a solo in the Easter musical this year. I think he was as shocked as I was. I have started working on two piano pieces that are full of triplets. I will master them too.

This is the beginning. With faith to reach out and try these things that I have feared or stumbled at, and succeed, I believe this will lead me to break through other personal barriers as well.

Thank you for inspiring me to try!

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