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Caterpillar, Geneva, Switzerland

Dar Brian,

We would like to thank you again for coming to Geneva, Switzerland to kick-start our All Employee Seminar on 10 May 2004. We had such good memories of your performance at a similar event that we organized in 2002. We had such good memories of your performance at a similar event which we organized in 2002 that we did not hesitate to call you back for more!

Once again you lived up to (and beyond) our expectations and maybe nobody can say it better than the participants that had the pleasure of attending the meeting – the comments below are lifted straight out of our feedback questionnaire:

“Excellent addition – very pleased”

“A great experience”

“A person as excited and energetic as Brian is necessary at this type of event to keep everyone attending interested and active during the event”

“Brian’s motivation and energy is contagious”


The good mood and energy you conveyed to us were indeed palpable throughout the seminar, and all participants were able to take something for themselves, as much professionally as also on a personal level. We wish you the very best and hope other Caterpillar employees will benefit from one of your sessions too!

With best personal regards,

EAME Power Systems
Caterpillar Sarl

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