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JP Morgan Chase (International)

Hello Brian!

On the plane now getting ready to take off for Hong Kong and your message made my day!

You are truly amazing! We are all still talking about your session and all of the folks from around the World, no matter what culture loved you. My goodness, you rocked their World.  Since that session, I have heard two Directors say they were going home on time to their family- wonderful just wonderful.

Thanks for your energy comments, appreciate it more than you know!  Love to have you talk to the team again we need to explore that because they will need a "pick me upper" towards the end of the year.  Oh, you will love this after you left I had folks do the " wooooo " 5 times. All different cultures, it was fabulous!

Can't thank you enough and let's keep in touch. Wish everyone was like you in this World.

Your big fan,

Vice President 
JPMorgan Chase

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