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Nuskin (International)

Hi big brother Brian,

I hope you were able to arrive to your next destination and speaking engagement at 100% energizer bunny self. I was kind of worried that you might have strained your voice and caught a flu. The last thing I want is for you to be unable to perform at your usual 150% energy because of your stint here. 

I wanted to let you know how forever grateful I am for your friendship and your help . You have truly given us great impact with who you are and your talent. I think that your being here was providential and was arranged by the Lord. May God bless you back a hundredfold for your generosity. As you know the Philippines is a third world country and your presence and your contribution here is helping the very people who need it most.

I hope that you can find the time to bring your wife here so you can have a much needed relaxation. Perhaps the next time you come, you should set aside some time to relax after work and come to Boracay with your family so you can enjoy the best beach in the world. By the way our next bootcamp is on July 1st or 2nd weekend. If by any chance you happen to be swinging by in the area, we would love to have you back and maybe this time, we can also organize an outside generic event for you to be exposed to the other sales professionals and get more exposure.

The Philippines love Brian Biro, and you are family to us now. If you ever want to retire elsewhere other than in the US, you should consider living here, because you have a thousand friends here now. Always take good care of your health bro. because the world will lose one of its greatest assets if something was to happen to that voice box of yours!

By the way, I am recommending you to the company for the regional convention.

Do email me your complete address bro, because I have some things to send to you.

I wish that you could have brought a truckload of your books because we would have sold them all with the energy that you have shared with us. Again thank you so much.

Words cannot express our heartfelt gratitude for your contribution here.

God bless you.



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