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Nuskin 2 (International)

Hi Brian!

This is Mary. I'm one of the thousand people in Synergy's bootcamp last January 10-11. I'm one of the blessed two who broke the wood in the wood breaking exercise. I've attached a picture of myself with you as a remembrance. =)

I just want to send my deepest thank you's for being part of that memorable 2-day weekend. Thank you for the gifts you've given me: the book, CDs and the calendar. I'm currently reading your book and your words resonate with my soul. The calendar is just fantastic. I love it. The words are like honey!

Even more, I'm grateful for your warmth and graciousness, being patient signing autographs, taking endless pictures and the wisdom you've shared throughout - being fully present, the 100% attitude. I especially appreciate the delight in your eyes and the instant tight hug you give everytime you see me. Million thanks! =)

To be honest, i was completely terrified when you first chose me but i would not trade that moment for anything. It had sparked something in me and i hope it continues to snowball. 

I would not even attempt to detail the extent of what the impact of your contributions will be in my life for i know it's limitless. The wood break moment plus the wisdom in your books, cd, gifts plus your intense passion will have its anonymous influence. The ripples will extend a lifetime on to the lives of others i touch.

I hope to see you again in the Philippines or maybe in the US with your family. You're magic!

Your fan in the Philippines,


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