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Dear Brian!

Everyone was so pumped with your message and the break throughs that you lead us to. On our division report backs on Wednesday, one of our division presidents said that holding the boards for his team to break through has had the most profound effect on him and how he will lead them “as people, first” and sales people secondarily. This was most telling because he is/was one of our best and most conscientious leaders already!

Thanks for all you did that with our huge unruly crowd! I do not know how you had the voice to do not only one but two more sessions! You are the incredible and awesome one! We did woo claps every day for the next three days and sometimes because the crowd would say…”We need a woo!”  You gave us much more than we realized by starting the rally with your wisdom and inspiration!

I am still and always will be your biggest fan! We could never pay or repay you for what you have done for our organization.

One of our regional VPs who also happens to be the COO’s son said that it was “culture changing”. We are still all riding the high as you can imagine!

Joy back to you!


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