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Dear Brian,

I just wanted to send your an e-mail with some Allison factor!

I hope you remember me, I broke the board in Vail , Colorado at a Re/Max retreat. Anyway its been almost 12 years, and I still remember the great feeling I had meeting you, and of course always wondering if it was a trick! The past 4 years have just been brutal with the Real Estate market as you can imagine.

I was at the point last year in November of not being sure I would be able to keep my home. Everyday I was working 12 hour days just trying to survive. I received a call from Joe Clement in Colorado Springs and he told me about a class called CDPE. Well I was flat broke , the class was $500 and I had to have a hotel for two days. Well I decided to put it on credit and went to the class, Certified Distressed Property Expert. Besides meeting you it has been the best motivating experience that I have ever had. The man who teaches it is one of the most sincere people I have ever meet (besides you of course) So here I am in only 12 months I have had an incredible year! The certification gives you the training to help people keep from going into foreclosure. So I took it to the next level I decided to donate my time to helping others who were as scared as I was. You see I have been through things before this and my times of struggles have been at times more than I thought I could bare. I threw myself into a vision, that had caring in the big picture. I started a program that I call "Your Hope Team" I have saved over 20 people now from foreclosure and given out free loan modification packages to several more, solid advise, and a ear to listen in order to help them get their mortgage company to help them. Brian I am in the position of giving and that is what I do best. I have sat down with people and cried, prayed, saved their marriages, and many more stories I can't believe how much I have accomplished in just 10 months. I have had the busiest year that I have had in a long time. I have helped so many families, my phone rings with calls from people several times a day. They just need someone to believe in them and help them get through the process. The program has given me back my faith and I am passing that on to all these people. 

During the day today it snowed so I cleaned my room and watched your Video, "The Allison Factor" .

I hired a new assistant at the same time I started this program and he is just amazing, I lent him one of your books which of course is on my shelf! He would love to meet you so if you ever get back to Denver keep me posted. 

I just wanted to share this experience with you and tell you how grateful I am to know you,I hope you a well and enjoying life.

Sincerely MD

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