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I have never worked with a speaker that changes peoples lives the way you do. We just don't get this type of letter from other speakers. And for every letter you get, there must be 20 other similar stories that we just don't hear about.  

The proof that you make a difference goes way beyond the numerous reference letters, and the amazing amount of spin off business. The fact that Deidre would write the Vice President of her company (who she might not even know), and that he would write her back saying, "I understand", pretty much says it all.




Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It is heartening to hear such positive impact can come from having someone like Brian spend some time with us. It is evident everyone involved in your son's breakthrough (including your son) is perplexed by what happened. But you know and that's what's important.  

Always remember, because it is extremely easy to forget and slip into our old ways, unconsciously returning to the pattern of saying you did your best and settling for whatever happens. I slip all the time, and often need support to keep the positive attitude going. Your son's breakthrough may change his life forever or it may be just temporary. It may change your life and others around him similarly. Whatever happens, treasure it because, when you think about it, it's a miracle.

I will forward your message to Brian. I know he will enjoy it. 


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From:   DDA

Subject: Thank You 

I wanted to say a special thankyou for an impact that you indirectly had on a little boy. I had the pleasure of attending the All Hands in which you graciously arranged to have Brian Biro as a guest.  His story surrounding Allison (the little red head swimmer) hit home. I could not help but think of my son throughout Brian's story.

I have two wonderful children--Kyla 10 and Rusty 7. Kyla always excels in any sport she attempts. She is not merely just good--she is normally one of the best. Rusty also loves sports but he is not as gifted as his sister when it comes to athletics. As parents we would push Kyla to be better while we lovingly supported Rusty and encouraged him to go out and have fun. We already had it set in our minds that Rusty was not going to excel. How we were wrong.

After the All Hands, I decided I would approach my son a little differently. Instead of giving Rusty the normal "do your best & have fun" before his soccer game, I decided to give him some advice on how to play the game differently. Lo and behold, he scored two goals! My son has NEVER scored any goals in the last 3 seasons that he has played!  

I thought maybe this was a one time fluke. Once again before his game, I gave him a little pep talk. I told him that his team was depending on him for offense since he was now their high scorer. No one else has scored two goals in the season much less two goals in ONE game. I also told him that they were also counting on him for defense and that he needs to make sure that he prevents the other team from getting the ball. Rusty looked right up at me and asked, "So mom, are you saying that I am good at everything?"  I said, "I guess I am!"  My son scored 2 more goals that game! This was Rusty's team's first win! The coach also told us after the game that he moved Rusty from offense to defense because he was doing an amazing job in getting the ball away from the other team. Rusty was standing with us and was proudly soaking in what he was hearing from his coach.

This last weekend was their last game. I am happy to report that my son scored a goal again and he was a wildman on defense!   My son is not one to brag about his accomplishmens or to think he is better than others. He remains quiet and humble regarding his accomplishment but the light in his eyes shows that he is bursting with pride and self-confidence.

I know this may sound corny, but I honestly can say that I will never again ignore the possibility of untapped potential. I also recognize there is a HUGE difference between supporting someone versus encouraging someone to be better.I feel I am a better person and a better parent due to your effort in focusing on your employees.  I would appreciate it if you could also pass this on to Brian with my thanks. He is an amazing speaker and a lot of what he had to say hit home.

Thank you so much for making a difference. 


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