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Breakthrough Participant

Hello Brian,

I was a first time attendee at this years convention in Las Vegas and of course attended your Breakthrough class.  I want to tell you about my experience because I believe it was life changing for me.

I was very moved by your whole presentation but was determined that I would not break the board!  I have osteopsoris and have broken my hand twice just by tripping and catching myself.  So I just knew if I attempted to break that board that I would break my hand again and I could not chance that.  Right up to the very moment I was still saying no.  BUT there was so much energy and motivation in the room that I had to try.  My whole team (my home team) was surrounding me and supporting me.  I broke thru that board like it was butter and then totally broke down.

My word that I wrote on the board was "Procrastinating" and most everyone I know said - You, no way, you are such a go getter.  But I was lying to them!  I was not doing everything that I told people I was doing.  I was not getting up off that couch and getting out there to promote my business.  But no one knew it because I covered it up so well and had a whole slew of excuses.

But, no more!  Since your class I have promoted to Team Leader, I have been attending 2 to 3 networking events a week, I have been present for the weekly team calls, I have attended all team meetings and I have 4 parties booked so far for April!!

So I thank you so much for making me see where I needed to change.  Your event was so moving and life I said life changing.  I'm just sorry I only get to do it my first year...LOL.  Can you tell me where I can find some of your self-help books?  I was not able to purchase them at convention and really regret it.  Thank you again.


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