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Hello Brian, 

I can't thank you enough for providing me with my "Breakthrough Experience" in Schaumburg, IL last week.

There is nothing like the feeling I had when I broke thru my board that on one side stated, "I'm not good enough" and on the other "Jake, Samone, Confidence, Success"  - all I felt was the air rushing by my hand!  I felt as if you were speaking to me directly through out your presentation. Your delivery and message was extremely moving - I was the one in the front row bawling my eyes out!  

I have taken your message to heart, and I am trying my hardest to get my Energy up so I can give my husband and 18 month old daughter the love and attention they deserve by being completely Present for them. I am sure by focusing inward and making changes in my personal life that I will become even more focused and effective as a leader at Verizon Wireless. Thank you for motivating me to change my life! 

Thank you  again for giving me the confidence to find the truth in myself and go forward knowing "I am good enough" and, first and foremost, that I will be the wife and mother that I want to be and the rest will fall in place.  

God bless you and your family!  You are touching lives in a way I'm sure you never thought possible! 



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